Ethical Principles & Privacy

Our Ethical Principles and Privacy

Öztaş adopts integrity and honesty as its primary values ​​in all business processes and relationships, and acts with the awareness that it has ethical responsibilities to all its stakeholders as follows;

  • It carries out its activities and operations in accordance with the principles of honesty, accountability and transparency, and provides accurate and understandable information in a timely manner to legal regulatory agencies and organizations when necessary.
  • It acts honestly and fairly with all its customers and makes every effort to fulfill its commitments to them in a timely and promised manner. It works with a proactive approach focused on customer satisfaction and quality standards.
  • It carefully protects the confidential information of individuals, organizations and business partners with whom it does business. It treats suppliers and business partners equally, fairly and with respect, and takes due care to fulfill its obligations on time.
  • It competes with all competing companies in the sectors it operates in on legal and ethical grounds and complies with the rules of competition law.
  • It undertakes to fulfill its legal responsibilities to all its employees completely and offers its employees a fair, transparent, safe and healthy working environment. It does not discriminate among employees due to its characteristics such as race, color, religion, gender, physical disability in recruitment and applications such as remuneration and promotion. It protects the personal information of the employees precisely in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and ethical principles. It takes into consideration the legal rights and freedoms in all its applications, and ensures the standardization of the applications with the Human Resources Policies, Regulations and Procedures it publishes.
  • It avoids unethical behavior, such as bribery, corruption, and gifted to a greater extent.
  • It aims to be a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly technologies by acting with a high level of environmental protection awareness.