Company Profile & History

Öztaş Demir Çelik, which has been serving to the automotive, machinery and construction sectors by manufacturing products and semi-products since its establishment in 1980, has turned its route on the path of continuous growth by turning products towards end users in 2016.

Especially with the Greencooler brand that we have created in order to evaluate our increasing knowledge and experience in refrigerant products in the field of commercial refrigerant; We aim to bring an innovative and creative breath to the market for the beverage, food and retail sectors.

Greencooler products, which we have created by combining Öztaş’s experience in the field of production with the sector experience of employees, have high standards in terms of both performance and aesthetics; They are also advantageous in terms of energy consumption and environmentally friendly refrigerators.

We hope that you will meet Greencooler products as soon as possible and start a lucrative collaboration for both parties.