Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Öztaş accepts the human being as the most valuable asset in all its activities, and adopts as a primary business objective to create a safer and healthier working environment, to minimize any losses and to continuously improve.

Öztaş accepts to comply with legal regulations and customer requirements in all facilities where it operates, to create a safe working environment with continuous development, with the participation of employees and employee representatives, as the basis of its Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Öztaş regularly conducts risk assessments to achieve zero occupational accident and occupational disease targets, trainings are given to employees to improve Occupational Health and Safety awareness and awareness, all incidents and accidents that occur during our activities or that may result in injury are reviewed and necessary to prevent recurrence. improvements are made.

Öztaş continues its activities with the aim of continuous development by adopting a proactive approach in Occupational Health and Safety.